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Top 10 recipe writing tips

A well-written recipe is a thing to be desired and there are many howlers on the internet. Here are my top 10 tips to craft a good recipe: 1. Decide on your narrative style You could use a descriptive style (where measures and ingredients are given in the same text with the steps or method). This style is usually found in older recipe books. It suits recipes with only a few ingredients and with three or four steps.  However, busy cooks would prefer an ingredients and measures list separate from a step by step method description. This is what today's readers are used to and it makes it easier to check if you have all the necessary ingredients at one glance.  2. Avoid too much personal experience or feelings Resist the temptation to be overly personal with the recipe and detail at length your feelings when you did a particular step or give too long an introduction to the recipe. Readers do enjoy the personal touch, particularly when it comes to technique or variations but t

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