Monday, November 23, 2009

Food Writing

Its a brilliant plan I announced, I'll start a food blog!

First of course, I'll need a new name for it. How about the word "food" in Swahili? I googled it and found the word was "Chakula". Believe it or not, there is already such a blog. And its a food blog! So i decided on "Peckish and Famished" because they are sort of two different ends of a spectrum that makes us want to nibble or gobble. Hmmm, that would have been a good name for my blog too. "Nibble or Gobble". Alas, I've only thought of it after setting all this up.

I am no Master chef I declare, but I enjoy making up a fanfare . Why am I always typing in rhyme, maybe its because in cooking we must always keep time.

Today I had humble tuna with sliced breads aside, chips as fillers and 'nilla coke as a wash down. 'Whitey' food was pretty good actually, although I'm not sure that replacing chilli aspect with the sourness of pickled mustard was entirely satisfying.

One good investment I made this year was my "Entertainment Book". What with a plethora of eateries and cafes in Sydney, at least knowing I can get a discount is always a good reason to try a new place. Not to mention having to go there twice because I keep forgetting to use the discount.

This week itself, I plan to visit two places in Darling Harbour.

1. Blue Fish Cafe
2. Pancakes on the Rocks

My new love affair with salt and pepper squid continues, as it does with melted chocolates and bananas.

"Simple joys of meals,
grateful am I indeed
Never worry how next it comes
But always hope for a delicious feed"